About Me

That's not a job Mummy, that's playing...

‘That’s not a job mummy, that’s playing!’ is what my 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter tell me when they watch me work. When they comes into my studio and see all the colourful paper and card, and watch the laser equipment cut or engrave all of our products, they cannot fathom that this is my day-to-day job. Trying to tell them anything to the contrary is pointless! I secretly love that they see it like that, because some days I see it like that too!

I chose to work from home to spend more time with my two little monsters, because soon, they will not be so little. Designing and making cards and gifts allowed me to achieve that goal. The business has continued to grow, so when I outgrew my home office and workshop, I took the next step of setting up my new studio, based close to home, but with the space and separation my work needed.

I have always loved being creative, whether it’s making themed birthday cakes for family, or decorating birthday banners with the children.

Why did I start with cards? Well, basically, I love the whole idea of sending and receiving cards through the post (none of this e-card nonsense!). I still find it exciting when a handwritten envelope from a friend lands with a little thump in our hallway. Sending greeting cards is such a long standing tradition, and I love to be part of that!

In addition to cards, I design engraved gifts and accessories. I’m a big fan of wall art, and filling the spaces on my walls is a never-ending activity in our house. In the coming months, I’ll be working on some exciting new products, and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Clare x